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2013 Roach™ Vintage Collection

View the entire collection of vintage reproduction t-shirts from RoAcH. The shirts that defined generations of American kids from the 60's 70's, and 80's.
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2013 Shop Rags Vintage Motorsports Collection

View the entire collection of vintage reproduction t-shirts from Shop Rags. This collection of licensed t-shirts rekindles the flames of the HotRodders of the 50's , 60's and 70's. A can't miss collection targeted at all fans of vintage Americanna.
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Roach™ Motorsports Collection

Vintage Full Color images from the 70's. Featuring Hot Rods, Motocross, Bikers, and Drag Racing images that defined the genre.
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Roach Action Sports Collection
Extreme Sports Culture originals by Roach.
Ski, Surf, Skate, Scuba, Sailing, and Other Action Sport designs from the 70's

The Story

In the 1950’s and 1960’s tee shirt art was at its apex. The entire industry today owes homage to a small group of individuals and companies who took the decoration of tee shirts to a generation that grew up on cars, surfing, motorcycles, and early extreme sports, and established a fashion trend that is responsible for billions of dollars of sales at retail each year.

The early pioneers included the legendary names of Roach Studios™, Hang Ten™, Kenneth “Von Dutch™” Howard, and Ed “Big Daddy™”  Roth, just to name four. Roach Studios™ which designed and produced some of the most critically acclaimed designs ever placed on a tee shirt was at the forefront of this revolution.

Today Brian Peterson, son of one of the three founders of Roach, is resurrecting the label and the art. Brian’s thought builds upon today’s love of the past and a return to a simpler time. The whole retro fashion movement incorporates the looks, fabrics, and styles of the 50’s through the 70’s. The market is not looking for another printed garment or embroidered hat. It is looking for apparel and accessory items that transcend the product by telling a story. There is and was no better voice than Roach™.


Welcome to Roach Studios

In '62, Roach was born of nitro burning dragsters, killer custom bikes, and an indomitable American Spirit. The founding artist of Roach Studios launched a brand that would become an American icon and world famous. Today the Roach is reborn.

Shop Rags™

Vintage speed shops and other designs from the vaults of Ed Cholakian Enterprises. Now available, for the first time in decades, the T-shirt designs printed during the dawn of the hot rod scene. Available now for the spring 2012